Monday Mix: Moving and Maine

Credit: Unsplash/@anete_lusina

Credit: Unsplash/@anete_lusina

And now, for something different: a post!

Southeast Bound

As I said in my introductory blog post, I plan to write up some thoughts every Monday. However, somewhat unexpectedly (okay, partially unexpectedly), I’ve spent the last couple weeks in a mad rush to move. Livin’ in New York City ain’t easy and I will complain about it every day of my life, but I will also never permanently leave. The duality of New Yorker— not anything that hasn’t been written about a million times just yesterday.

Moving always tries what’s left of my patience. I had no intention to leave my lovely Washington Heights apartment, but with my roommate moving out, a planned friend move-in falling through, a series of pitfalls that made my lovely apartment less than lovely (e.g. on top of the usual roaches, because NYC, the kitchen ceiling is ready to cave in), and an absolutely fucking useless broker I did not want to give a 15 percent fee to, my stubbornness won over, and out I went.

So, from Washington Heights to Bushwick, where I’ve twice briefly lived before, making it my fourth Brooklyn apartment. So far, so good (well, our router is going in and out currently, but that’s less of an apartment problem and more of an only-one-internet-provider-works-in-NYC-and-they’re-god-awful problem). I am stationary for a couple minutes, at least, so here’s to a (probably brief) return to normal.

Northeast Bound

For all the exhaustion of the past couple weeks and emotional stress of the past couple months, I’m taking my first vacation in two years to beautiful, sunny Maine! (Is that accurate? I’ve never been to Maine.) That’s coming up in a couple weeks and will be official once I book transportation—the accommodations have been acquired—but I’m so excited. I intend to eat my weight in seafood and walk along the coast a lot. The charmed life of a freelance is that I will still be working this time, so there will still be podcast episodes and the like, but I’m just looking forward to some quiet and a non-concrete-covered environment.


Credit: Mikiodo

Credit: Mikiodo

After seeing the show two weeks ago, somebody asked me what BAR DYKES was about. Besides the obvious “see title,” I started to describe it: “Eleven dykes walk into a bar…”

GO Magazine asked me to write a review of the Merril Mushroom one-act play, which ran at Off-Off-Broadway’s The Flea through August 3; I was thrilled to do so. It’s a seemingly simple piece of theatre— just 50 minutes, but what unfolds is both a time capsule and an analysis of queer life today, queer life then, and queer life always. And considering, as I talked in my last piece for GO, the lack of lead queer womxn characters in theatre, always welcome.

Check out the full review of BAR DYKES at GO Magazine.


Credit: Netflix/Jojo Whilden

Credit: Netflix/Jojo Whilden

A short list this week because I was throwing things in boxes and running around all week, but a couple things that really caught my eye:

ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK finale season: I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about this season going into it, and the last couple seasons since Poussey’s death have been messy at best and offensive at worst. There are a lot of negatives to this final season, particularly how much of it felt like trauma porn, but I have three things to say on it.

  1. You could feel the joy and love and sadness radiating off of everybody in those closing final moments.

  2. The absolutely incredible, diverse, brilliant, womxn-led ensemble… this show will always be special for what it did.

  3. This final season just made me feel like I wasn’t doing enough to combat this country’s anti-immigration policies. I’m glad they put so much focus on ICE. There was definitely at least episode I cried through the majority of (you know the one). I know a lot of people couldn’t get through this season and turned it off halfway through… fair. But there are atrocities happening among us that those who are experiencing them firsthand cannot turn off. We have to work harder.

JANE THE VIRGIN series finale: Maybe the very opposite to OITNB. Cheesy, saccharine, funny, dramatic, and very sentimental— all the glorious bits that has made JANE THE VIRGIN so much fun and so unique. The perfect finale for that show— a really fucking consistently great show.

Parting Shots

I can’t say anything new about the violence over the weekend that hasn’t already been said. We repeat the points over and over again that it feels empty: gun control now. White supremacy is terrorism. Enough is enough.

When is enough really enough?