Monday-ish Mix: Relax (Don't Do It)

Credit: Me, because this was an actual place I witnessed with my actual eyes and I still can’t believe it!

Credit: Me, because this was an actual place I witnessed with my actual eyes and I still can’t believe it!

I just returned from my first vacation in nearly two years. Time is an illusion; it’s Monday if I want it to be.

I started writing this week’s update from the beach, a very secluded and shaded part of Pemaquid Beach in Bristol, Maine. The last time I took a vacation—and we’re talking proper, week-plus-long getaway with no obligations, not some escape-to-the-country-but-I’m-really-hanging-with-chosen-family-and-dog-sitting-my-best-mate’s-pup nonsense—it was January 2018, to London, where I still worked every morning before heading out. The curse of the freelancer is that vacations are never really vacations, especially if, like me, you have an anchor client you rely on to pay for said pseudo-vacations.

But for this trip, I piled as much work into two days as possible instead of across the weekdays’ five, which left me to sit on the sand, writing and reading, drinking Moxie and dreaming of my next lobster-centric meal, hoping the end of the week would never come.

Spoiler alert: it did, in fact, come. I’m back home now, working in Chelsea, missing Moxie and cheap lobster and Maine.

On Relaxation (Or Something Like It):

I am not good at shutting off— notoriously so. Again, freelancing presents many challenges in this regard, but I don’t put the blame on the career choice. I’ve always preferred city cacophony to serene silence. I would rather be busy than bored. Relaxation makes me uncomfortable; I get bored when I’m relaxed, and I have a long history of getting into trouble when I’m bored.

I’ve gotten better. The fact I chose to take my vacation in coastal Maine instead of, like, Tokyo is, itself, a lesson in patience and meditation. My Wi-Fi was so bad in the Airbnb where I stayed that I was forced to take an unexpected week-long hiatus from Today on Broadway broadcasts and, therefore, so bad that I could only watch shows and movies in short bursts. I had books and company so it was a welcome escape. Had I not, well…

There’s probably something psychological here about not wanting to be left alone in the silence with my own thoughts or something like that. I’ll bring it up at the next session.

And it’s not that I just love to work. I do love my job, but… god no. By the end of the vacation, I needed another three weeks. I’m probably going to be working on getting back into my routine for another week.

Both surprisingly and unsurprisingly, though, I’m already planning my next vacation.

This Week’s Schedule:

Credit: Joan Marcus

Credit: Joan Marcus

It’s a short schedule this week because I filed all my press requests upon my return, so I’m just 🎼waiting for something to happen. Again, this week is adjusting back to my normal schedule… or, sitting at Coney and in the glorious darkness of the Alamo Drafthouse. But:

  • MAKE BELIEVE (Second Stage): Oh, how I love Bess Wohl, and I’ve heard nothing but incredible things about this one, which I’ve been excited for since its announcement.

Parting Shots:

I fell down my apartment stoop stairs taking out the trash earlier this week. I started jogging again. I didn’t win the HERCULES lottery, and I still haven’t gotten my COMPANY announcement. This has so far been a bruising week, physically and emotionally.