When life gives you lemons (too much work), make lemonade (more work)

Image/GIF credits: NBC’s  The Good Place

Image/GIF credits: NBC’s The Good Place

Okay, so… here’s the thing.

This first post took me longer to write than I care to admit, which has me worried as to how I’m supposed to keep this up. But as I regularly prove to myself, getting started is always the hardest.

For many years, I hosted my professional on website on tumblr, which was fitting for what I need: a place I could occasionally write but mainly share things that were of interest to me at the moment and otherwise just let it house my portfolio. Then, tumblr got rid of porn, and, in solidarity, I stopped using the platform. RIP.

So, I’ve made a change— meaning, a new website and a new blog, which, in theory, means a lot more writing.

I don’t really know what to put down for this opening post, except (waves hands at the empty space) here it is. Here I am, busier than I was and busier than I’ve ever been and, yet, starting an entirely new website and blog, increasing my workload exponentially. What gives?

The short answer is to be even busier.

The long answer is to be busier in the places I am not currently as busy as I would to be.

Recently, I’ve accepted a co-hosting position on BroadwayRadio’s Today on Broadway— hooray! Additionally, I’m still writing about cabaret and different forms of art and culture and entertainment all around the web— also hooray! But what I don’t have a platform for at the moment is a place where I can deep-dive into the things that are driving me and keeping my focus.

I’m still trying to figure out exactly how I’m going to use this blog, but one of the things you’ll see will be weekly Monday posts of things I dug during the previous week— theatre, TV, film, reading, places, smells, et cetera. Maybe some shows I think you should see during the week if you’re local to New York. Maybe some expanded thoughts on something we talked about on BroadwayRadio or expanded thoughts on a feature I’ve written recently. (In an ideal world—hopefully, one that exists before the end of the year—those will be tied to Patreon tiers, but for now, here’s all my shit for free. Very full-time freelancer of me.)

The other thing that will occasionally inhabit here will be reviews. I don’t consider myself a critic and I’m certainly not a practicing one, but I used to be and I am kind of supposed to be still. Future reviews will be published on Medium because I think that platform is better for that type of criticism. But you will be able to preview a chunk here. Additionally, these won’t necessarily be standard reviews. I am not always the best person to talk about certain art. When that is the case, my plan is to point you to the people who are talking about it more eloquently and thoroughly than I ever could.

As for the actual site beyond the blog, you can find all my work here, either through my portfolio and update feed or via my Twitter feed for TOB episodes. I’m a person of many hats, so there’s also an area you can visit to check out all my available services and hire me to do even more work, if that is possible.

If you are a fan of my work (which, what?), feel free to drop me a message if you have any questions [or] a couple of suggestions. I am always looking for ways to expand my work and my areas of focus. Either use the contact page or email me at ashley@ashleysteves.com.

Okay. Break’s over. Back to work.